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Becoming a Personal Trainer

I was there sitting in my apartment after having been fired from my job. I thought to myself, what do I do now? Well, many choices soon flooded my mind, but then a commercial on TV caught my attention. It was about signing up for a gym membership. What caught my attention was not the aim to get fit, but becoming a personal trainer myself. I looked at that calendar, it was still July, and then immediately it hit me, the lesson way back in economics from high school gave me insight. The demand for gyms and personal trainers would greatly increase after New Year when people make their resolutions. I thought to myself, maybe a can become a personal trainer.

personal training

Well first I had to do my research on becoming one. It turns out I have to look for a program that would help certify me as a personal trainer. I found out that there are quite a number of different ones I can go for. I was new this thing so I made sure I had researched everything. It would take me some time to look into a certification program so I first looked into getting a study program.

There was a study program that caught my attention so I decided to go for it, and at the same time, I had already chosen a certification program. On average the study program would be completed in eighty to one hundred hours. Usually people stretch this out to three to four months of study so I went with that too. I decided that I wanted to be serious in this. I studied hard and made sure I would pass the physical and mental standards as well. At that time, I was also working out in the gym and having a personal trainer myself. From him, I gained some valuable knowledge and tips when I would soon become a personal trainer myself.

After having completed my study program, I had to register for my exam. Good thing I had started to prepare the needed things a long time before such, or else I would be waiting for a long time to be able to go through with the exam. New Years Eve was fast approaching, and one day, I received the results from my exam and glad to find that I had passed the examination! I was very happen then, I even called my parents and relatives to tell them about the news. This was probably the first time they would know about my plans of becoming a personal trainer, but nevertheless, they were proud of me.

Now that I had passed, I was worried I would not find a job in time for the New Year rush of gym members coming in. Lucky for me, my former personal trainer offered to put a good word for me in the gym I had worked out in and got the job! I was quite happy since I was familiar with the environment and had a friend working there with me as well.